Medical assistance to foreign nationals

State budget institution of healthcare «City polyclinic No. 109 of the Department of health, Moscow» , providing highly skilled medical assistance to citizens over the age of 18 since 2011.
The staff of the State Medical INSTITUTION «CP No. 109 DHM», which has the honor to be headed by the chief doctor Alexei Uryupin, sees its main tasks as : » Ensuring that our patients always have the opportunity to receive affordable and high-quality medical care.
To accomplish this, we have all the possibilities: highly qualified specialists and modern equipment. We will continue to work to increase the life expectancy of Muscovites. To do this, we will use all our strength, experience and knowledge».
«City policlinic No. 109 DHM «South-Eastern administrative district is opened on August 30, 2011 in the area «Pechatniki» according to the order No. 767 of 25.08.2011. «On opening the State budget institution of healthcare «City polyclinic No. 109 of the Department of health for the city of Moscow». Branch № 1 («City polyclinic No. 72») The city polyclinic No. 72 was opened in March 1971, for service of the population of the areas «Pechatniki» and «Kuryanovo» is located at the address: Moscow, Shosseynaya St. house 41. In 2012. By order of the Moscow Department of health, city polyclinic No. 72 was reorganized into the State Budgetary Health Institution «City polyclinic No. 109 of the Moscow Department of health» Branch No. 1.

In 2012, by order of the Moscow Department of health, city polyclinic No. 103 was reorganized into the State budgetary health institution «City polyclinic No. 109 of the Moscow Department of health» branch No. 2. Branch No. 2 («City polyclinic No. 103») City polyclinic No. 103 was opened in 1956 to serve the residents of the district «Tekstilschiki» at the address: Saratovskaya str., 14/1 on the 1st floor of a residential building. In September 1971, the city polyclinic No. 103 was transferred to a 4-storey building, built according to a standard project, at the address: Grayvoronovskaya str., 18 building. 1 with a capacity of 750 visits. Geographically «CP No. 109 DHM» with branches is located in two districts of the South-Eastern administrative district of Moscow-Pechatniki and Tekstilshiki. These areas are connected by a developed transport network, which makes it possible to rationally organize the provision of medical care to the population in the areas for all three clinics without violating accessibility principle.

The polyclinic provides highly qualified medical care to foreign citizens in accordance with international standards, applying a unique integrated approach to the prevention, diagnosis, high-tech treatment and rehabilitation of citizens over 18 years age.

Clinic in its structure covers the following departments and offices: Therapy Department (6 offices); Surgical Department; Radiology Department; Emergency Department; cardiology Department; Department of otorhinolaryngology; Ophthalmology; Neurology; Endocrinology; Urology Department; Endoscopy Department; the Department of paid services; the Department of functional diagnostics; ultrasound; Department of Medical Rehabilitation, Department of medical prevention; Department of the day hospital; clinical diagnostic laboratory; medical office-infectious diseases; doctor-gastroenterologist, doctor’s office of Coloproctology, doctor’s office-rheumatologist.
Unique types of medical services are performed such as: Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Computed Tomography, including intravenous contrast enhancement. We have a complex of diagnostic capabilities such as: ultrasound diagnostics with Doppler, radiography, endoscopy (gastroscopy, colonoscopy), electroencephalography, daily monitoring of blood pressure, daily monitoring of ECG Holter, a wide range of laboratory diagnostics, high-tech methods of examination.

We also provide, medical care to palliative patients at home if requested. A patronage service is organized, as well as a doctor who receives patients with multiple chronic diseases in the polyclinic.
Implemented projects:

1. In 2014 the polyclinic became the winner of the city review-competition «City for all» in the nomination «Medical organizations (hospital, polyclinic, pharmacy)».

2. Since July 2015, the program «Moscow standard of polyclinic» (hereinafter – MSP) has been implemented.

3. On the basis of SE No. 109 Branch No. 1 within the framework of the MSP program, a Call center was organized.

4. Since 01.12.2016, the Department of medical prevention has been opened, which operates according to the unified standard Of Moscow polyclinics.

5. «CP No. 109 DHM» is a participant of the pilot project on the implementation of measures to prevent the occurrence and spread of tuberculosis among employees of medical organizations of the state health care system of the city of Moscow, since 2017.

6. The clinic has been receiving doctors to work with patients of elderly aged groups with multiple chronic diseases since April 2017.
7. A health Center has been functioning in CP 109. since December 2017.
8. Within the Department of Home Care for Adults, doctors of the patronage service began to work since January 30, 2017.
9. February 22, 2018 participation in the pilot project «Active longevity».

10. Since March 06, 2018, «CP No. 109 DHM» is a participant of the pilot project «breast cancer Screening» using mammography.

11. Since March 2019, the recruitment of citizens in the group for physical therapy, within the framework of the project «Active longevity» has begun.

12. In the period from 03.06.2019 to 06.10.2019 «CP No. 109 DHM» carried out reception of citizens within the project «Healthy Capital», during the specified period at Pavilion Healthy Moscow, 6200 inhabitants of Moscow who were examined within the Summer test of health were accepted.

13. Since 07.11.2019 «CP No. 109 DHM» entered the project «Lean polyclinic».

As of the end of 2019 in «CP No. 109 DHM» work:

candidate of medical Sciences-2 persons:

Khalil Farzat Shukri Mala-head of urology Department-urologist;

Ershkova Aleksandra Borisovna – doctor-endoscopist.

Doctor of medical Sciences-1 person: Snigorenko A. S.-head of the surgical Department-surgeon.

Doctors who have the status of «Moscow doctor» in the specialty: General medical practice (family medicine):

Mironova Varvara Vladimirovna – the General practitioner (the family doctor),

Rudikova Irina G. – a General practitioner (family doctor).

Urology: Khalil Farzat Shukri Mala is a urologist.

Doctors who have the status of «Honorary medical worker of the city of Moscow»: Natalia Smirnova-Deputy chief medical officer.

Doctors-specialists of «СP No. 109 DHM» publish scientific articles in medical journals. Cardiologist Shoshina I. N., neurologist Zharova N. N., urologist Khalil F. sh., urologist Platonova D. V.

We welcome the conclusion of contractual relations with enterprises and organizations for the provision of medical care on a contractual basis, including within the framework of VHI.

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Contact us:

Reception: 8 (499) 786-13-35 Fax: 8 (499) 786-13-35 Reference: 8 (499) 786-13-39, http://гп

Medical services are provided by «CP No. 109 DHM» on the basis of the list of works (services) making medical activity and specified in the license for implementation of medical activity of LO-77-01-017164 on December 11, 2018, the Government Of the Department of health of the city of Moscow.

Paid medical services «CP No. 109 DHM» are provided on the basis of the governmental order of the Russian Federation from 04.10.2012 № 1006 «On approval of Rules of provision of medical organizations of paid medical services», Provisions on the provision of paid medical services in State budget institution of healthcare «City Polyclinic №109 of the Department of health of the city of Moscow».

Responsible for the direction of medical tourism in «CP No. 109 DHM» head of the Department of organizational, methodological and clinical expert work
Gal Ekaterina Valentinovna.